Slogan: Climb Higher!
Unit Name: Group (for boy & girl both)
Unit Head: Group Leader
Duration: 7 Years
Ages: 14 - 35 Years

About Program

Push your potential. Develop life skills to climb the mountain of your goals and reach your personal summit, embarking on greater expeditions and acquiring real-world experience.


Developing life skills to climb the mountain of their goals and reach their personal summit, Venturers aged 15-17 years embark on greater expeditions and acquire real-world experiences that prepare them for future success.


A place to discover new things and embark on great adventures. Venturer Scouts is an opportunity for youth to explore their potential and ambition in an inclusive environment, forging friendships with others who share their passion to “Climb Higher”. Opening the door to exciting, real-life, hands-on experiences and outdoor adventures, Venturer Scouts learn to nurture an active and healthy lifestyle.

Program Details

Embark on Venturer Scout Adventure!
  1. Activities Venturer Scouts enjoy!
    • Portaging
    • Rock Climbing
    • Mountain Biking
    • (Lots!) of Adventure Activities
    • National & International Travel
    • National & International Jamborees
    • Community Service
  2. Skills they learn along the way!
    • Leadership
    • Hands-on experience
    • Nation view
    • Global world view
    • Active and Healthy Living
    • Life Safety Skilled
  1. Praveshika - 3 months
  2. Pluto Tara Level (i.e. A –level certificate/Pratham Sopan/Komal Pad) - 6 months
  3. Rigel Tara Level (i.e. B –level certificate/Dwitiye Sopan/Rajat Pad) - 9 months
  4. Vega Tara Level (i.e. C –level certificate/Tritiye Sopan/Swarn Pad) - 9 months
  5. Dhruv Tara Level (i.e. D –level certificate/Chaturth Sopan/Heerak pad) - 9 months
  6. Rajya Puraskar/ Pradeshik Puraskar (Governor Award) - 12 months
  7. Pradhanmantri Puraskar (Prime Minister Shield) - 12 months
  8. Rashtriye Puraskar/ Rashtrapati Puraskar (President Award) - 12 months
  9. Dakshta Badges
  10. Extra Proficiency Badges (Additional)
SECTION BADGE (to be own in Venturers Section are):
  • Praveshika Badge
  • Pluto Tara Level Badge
  • Rigel Tara Level Badge
  • Vega Tara Level Badge
  • Dhruv Tara Level Badge
  • Venturer Scout Badge / Venturer Guide Badge
  • Venture Scout Group Leader Badge / Venturer Guide Group Leader Badge
  • Chief Commissioner Venturer Scout Badge/Guide Badge
  • Rajya Puraskar Venturer Scout Badge/Guide Badge
  • PM Shield Venturer Scout Badge/ Guide Badge
  • Rashtrapati Puraskar Venturer Scout Badge/Guide Badge
  • World Venturer Scout Badge/Guide Badge
  • Will be given on successful completion of “Dhruv Tara Level" (D-Level Certificate / Chaturth Sopan) which also known as GURU-PAD.
  • Will be given on successful completion "Wood Badge Ticket Project".
  • Minimum 80 extra proficiency badges to be own.

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