What type of activities do Scouts and Guides undergo?

Kids and Youths in Scouts and Guides are provided with the opportunity to partake in a range of activities that no other youth program can match. Through camping, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, paragliding, snowshoeing, paddling and many more activities, etc. they discover the outdoors. With hands on learning youth take an active role in planning camping trips, activities and community service projects like food drives, shoreline clean ups and tree planting, etc. Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, scouts participate in other outdoor activities like biking, rock climbing and playing games, etc, too!

When and where do group members meet?

Group/unit/club meets every day as per ‘time-table calendar’ of Local Associations (i.e. schools/colleges/universities/institutions/corporates). In most cases, the program also includes weekend activities and camping, etc.

How do I sign up for Scouts and Guides?

Registering for Scouts and Guides is easy!

You can register at: http://www.asgmindia.org/JoinScout.

If you need any help in registering yourself, please contact your Local Associations (i.e. schools/colleges/universities/institutions/corporates) co-ordinator or visit to our website at: http://www.asgmindia.org or e-mail us at: info@asgmindia.org..

What are the costs to join?

For Institutional Members: the membership fee is Rs 100/- on admission (valid for 7-years).

And monthly Subscription fee is Rs 100/- pm (i.e. Rs 100 x 12 months).

For Non-institutional Members: the membership fee is Rs 500/- on admission (valid for 7-years).

And monthly Subscription fee is Rs 200/- pm (i.e. Rs 200 x 12 months).

What are the uniform costs?

Half length uniform is ‘scarf (neckerchief) & woggle’: shall be provided free of cost to all members of our groups/units/clubs at Local Association (i.e. schools/colleges/universities/institutions/corporates).

Full length uniform (as per NA guideline): shall be provided on payment to the participants of Jamborees, Governor Awards, Prime Minister Shield and President Awards. And price of full length uniform fixed by the organisation @ Rs 2700/- per set (which includes one cap, shirt, trouser, belt, name plate & badges, socks, shoes, tie and blazer).

Note: Non participating members shall also buy the uniforms or scout accessories/gadgets from Local Association or can shop online from here: http://www.asgmindia.org/Shop at very reasonable cost to support the scouts and guides movement.

How do I purchase a uniform and what will my child need?

No worry!

By the way of membership registration you shall be eligible for half length uniform automatically. And you’re Group Leader or Scout Master or Guide Captain shall assist you in purchase of full length of uniform, when it was needed for you.

Is there financial aid for families of limited means to assist with the costs of joining Scouts?

Financial aid is available for families of limited means. Local Association or Asst. District Organisation Commissioner/District Organisation Commissioner shall assist you or you can submit an application directly to mail ID: info@asgmindia.org seeking financial assistance in terms of scholarship.

For the families of limited means, we have launched a scholarship programme called No One Left Behind (NOLB) for scouting and guiding. Through this program we are ensuring for ‘scouting for all’. We target registration of above 10000 youth from low-income families in calendar year 2021-22.

We are offering subsidized or free membership, free uniforms, free outdoor equipments and camping gears to girls and boys aged 14 to 25 years across the country — worth totaling Rs 5 Cr. - through this program!

What will my child gain from ASGM scout programming?

(1) Squirrel                                                      :           ages     -           05 to 08 years;

(2) Cub & Bulbul                                             :           ages     -           08 to 14 years;

(3) Scout & Guide                                           :           ages     -           14 to 18 years;

(4) Rover & Ranger                                        :           ages     -           18 to 25 years;

(5) Venturer                                                    :           ages     -           14 to 25 years;

(6) Adult Leaders                                            :           ages     -           18 to 35 years; and

(7) Scout Volunteer                                        :           ages     -           18 to 50 years.

For more information on ASGM programs visit the http://www.asgmindia.org/Programme.

What is a parents and guardians role at a scouting activity?

The primary responsibility of parent and guardian lies with their own child. Parents and guardians are often asked to help as a program resource person (sharing a skill or hobby) or bringing snacks for Squirrel and Cub & Bulbul sections for outings. Parents are required to complete screening (as per the Non Scouts India Member screening chart) and are always under the supervision of at least three registered scouters/guiders (i.e. adult training leader or adult scout/guide leader or asst. adult scout/guide leader or scout volunteers).  Parents are NOT permitted to participate in any scouting activities, training and camping.