About Scout

Scouts and Guides is the start of something great.

So who is a “SCOUT”?

The words "scout" and "scouting" are fairly broad terms that are used by many organizations. And there are non-scouting organizations that include "scout-like" activities such as camping, hiking, and outdoor skills (some even wear a scout-type uniform). For simplicity, I include in "scouting" any organization that labels itself a scouting program and which bases its program on Baden-Powell's scouting concepts and ideals. I include both males and females in the definition of "scout", and I include male-only, female-only, and coed associations in the definition of "scouting". Note that there have been female Scouts since the earliest days of scouting—female Scouts are often called guides, and I include guiding associations in world Scouting (scouting and guiding were both started by Baden-Powell).

Why Scout and Guide?

Scout and Guide provide all youth ages between 8-35 years with a range of activities and experiences that no other youth program can match.
Through outdoor discovery, community service, adventure activities physical, mental & spiritual development, hands-on learning and learning with playing are at the heart of our program.
Stimulated through teamwork, personal challenge and exploration, girls guides and boys scouts develop the self-confidence, values and problem-solving skills, leadership skills, safety skills, disaster management skills, vocational skills, self defense skills, yoga & meditation skills, national integration, spirit of patriotism, brotherhood & loyalty that will guide them through every future adventure, at every stage of life.
It's the perfect place for youth to be kids, to make lifelong friendships, and to become better prepared for success in the world.

International Scouting Organisations:

  • World Organisation of the Scout Movements (WOSM) - established since 1922, open only for boys scouting, having total 165 member countries and 217 national associations/ federations along with aprox 40 lakh members worldwide.
  • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) - established since 1928, open only for boys scouting, and also operating as umbrella organisation of WOSM, having total 147 member countries and 192 national associations/ federations along with aprox 10 lakh members worldwide.
  • Federation of European Scouting (FSE) – established since 1956, open only for Christian boys, having total 21 member countries and 23 national associations/ federations along with aprox 0.70 lakh members worldwide.
  • Confederation of European Scoutes (CES) – established since 1978, open for boys & girl both, having total 9 member countries and 9 national associations/ federations along with aprox 0.30 lakh members worldwide.
  • orld Organisation of Traditional Scouts– Gilwell (WOTS-GILWELL) – established since 1990, open for boys & girl both, having total 47 member countries and 54 national associations/ federations along with aprox 5 lakh members worldwide.
  • The Order of World Scouts (OWS) – established since 1911 & re-active since 1991, open only for Christian boys & girl both, having total 15 member countries and 21 national associations/ federations along with aprox 0.40 lakh members worldwide.
  • World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) – established since 1996, open for boys & girl both, having total 43 member countries and 89 national associations/ federations along with aprox 3 lakh members worldwide.
  • orld Organisation of Independent Scouts (WOIS) – established since 2010, open for boys & girl both, having total 16 member countries and 20 national associations/ federations along with aprox 1 lakh members worldwide.

Why isn’t everybody in WOSM or WAGGGS ?

Those associations that prefer not to belong to WOSM or WAGGGS tend to share several viewpoints:
  • Some believe that WOSM and its national associations have strayed from Baden-Powell's concepts of Scouting.
  • Some object to WOSM's one-national-Scouting-association-per-country policy (which forces multiple national Scouting associations either to merge or to create an umbrella federation to represent them in WOSM).
  • Some desire to use B-P's Scouting for Boys and his original 1908 program and uniform to the maximum extent possible, making only those minimal changes required by modern safety, health, or environmental concerns.
  • Some are strongly church-focused, and some have a Christian-only membership policy.

What is Scouting or the Scout Movements?

It is a movement that aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills. It is one of several worldwide youth organizations.

History of Scouting:

During 1906-07, the movement grew to encompass three major age groups for boys known as Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Rover Scout and, in 1910, a new organization, Girls Guides, was created for girls for different age group known as Brownie Guide, Girl Guide and Girl Scout, Ranger Guide. In 1906-07 BP, a lieutenant general in the British Army wrote a book for boys about reconnaissance and scouting. Baden-Powell also wrote a book Scouting for Boys, based on his earlier books about Military Scouting. Thereafter In the summer of 1907 BP held a 1st camp on Brownsea Island in England to test ideas for his book. This camp and the publication of Scouting for Boys book are generally regarded as the start of the Scout Movement in the World.

Scouting in India:

Scouting came in India under the banner “Boys Scouts of India” in 1909 and Girl Guiding in 1913 but they were meant only for European and Anglo-Indian boys and girls. The doors of these organizations were never opened for Indian boys and girls. After refusal of world Chief of Scout Robert BP in 1921 during visit of India, new scout troops were being opened through out of India. Till 1928 about 9 new troops were working in the field. Even Dr Annie Besant an English lady working with Bapu Mahatma Gandhi opened a Girl Company for Scouting in Madras. And these two instances recognized being a start of formal scouting in the country. Afterward in 1948 Bharat Scouts and Guides came in existence and operating till today. Parallel Govt. of India has allowed multiple organizations in the country considering the size of area, population and versatility. Therefore we also came into existence in 2012.

Key Area of Services:

The purpose of our organization is to contribute to mental, physical, and spiritual development of youth to make them complete and perfect human being through scouting. As scouts and guides, the young boys and girls may undertake lots of adventure activities relating to community development, social services, environmental conservation, vocational skills, national integration, spirit of patriotism, brotherhood, loyalty, all faith meditation & yoga, discipline, self defense, disaster management, personality development and leadership qualities, etc. These activities enable young people in making them good citizens and make them ready for any disaster or national emergencies.

Benefits of Scout & Guide:

After successful completion of the courses students will be awarded certificates. And all certificate holders will get reservation / quota in college admissions, as well as state or central govt. jobs too. Presently many central govt. organizations like, Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, Para Military Forces, Railway, and many other Public Sector Undertakings recruiting manpower’s under the reserved category of scouts and guides. Even several times they have advertised for special drive of recruitments against backlog vacancies.

Upcoming Events-2021

  • Republic Day - 26th January
  • Scout Fest - 22nd February
  • Blood Donation Camps - 07th April
  • Yoga Day - 21st June
  • Independence Day - 15th August
  • Half Marathon Rally - 29th August
  • Green India (Tree Plantation Programme) - 02nd & 3rd October

Upcoming Trainings Camps- 2021

  • National Camp for Squirrel
  • Regional Camp for Squirrel
  • Local Camp for Squirrel
  • National Camp for Cubs & Bulbuls
  • Regional Camp for Cubs & Bulbuls
  • Local Camp for Cubs & Bulbuls
  • National Camp for Scouts & Guides
  • Regional Camp for Scouts & Guides
  • Local Camp for Scouts & Guides
  • National Camp for Rovers & Rangers
  • Regional Camp for Rovers & Rangers
  • Local Camp for Rovers & Rangers
  • National Camp for Venturers
  • Regional Camp for Venturers
  • Local Camp for Venturers
  • National Camp for Adult Scout Leaders/ Adult Training Leaders
  • Regional Camp for Adult Scout Leaders/ Adult Training Leaders
  • Local Camp for Adult Scout Leaders/ Adult Training Leaders